Haag-Streit Group Service Packages

Flexible packages, tailored to your individual needs

Efficient devices are essential to a busy eye care provider, and at Haag-Streit, we work around the clock—and around the world—to keep your clinic or practice running smoothly. Whether a scheduled maintenance check, an onsite repair, an in-warranty service visit, or a device health check, our team of global service professionals and our certified service partners are on hand to deliver the best service solution for your device.

Read on to learn more about the comprehensive range of support services available.

Hotline: 01279 883720 / service.uk@haag-streit.com 

The Support Hotline is open from 9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri). We also offer remote support with TeamViewer.

Maintenance Package

A proactive approach to service

A pre-planned Maintenance Package takes a proactive approach to service and repair by ensuring that tasks that require downtime are scheduled well in advance. This hugely reduces the risk of disruption to your eye care service, allowing your practice or clinic to seamlessly diagnose, manage, and treat eye conditions without interruptions to workflow. Regardless of which package you select, expect annual servicing, comprehensive inspections, replacement of faulty and worn parts, and priority response to call-outs as standard.

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Support Package

Our Service contracts: Gold, Silver & Bronze

When you purchase a Haag-Streit device, you are given the opportunity to add-on a Support Package and benefit from fully transparent annual service costs. We offer three standard service contracts: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Some contracts include an annual service visit where a Field Service Engineer will come to your premises and undertake a full service of the equipment covered by your contract. These contracts also include a pre-defined number of repair, service, or support visits to ensure your equipment is always in full working order.

Coming soon: the Haag-Streit Prepaid Support Plan

In the future, we are pleased to offer our customers the option of a Prepaid Support Plan. This is a block-time agreement which allows you to purchase a fixed number of service support hours up front for a fixed cost, then call off the hours as and when needed.

What are the benefits?

This option enables you to consolidate all your support requirements into a single purchase agreement, bringing speed and efficiency to your service needs. A great option for the busy clinic, this frees you from repeat purchase requests to your procurement team, removing the administrative bottlenecks that can easily arise within complex approval chains. 

What does it cover?

From database recovery, certification and device repair to a simple health check— merely choose how many hours you wish to spend, and how you wish to spend them. The plan is simple to set up, and gives you full visibility over your account via a monthly electronic statement. 

Information about this service will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

10 years’ limited warranty on slit lamps

Our commitment to quality

Haag-Streit slit lamps are renowned not only for their superb optics and high-precision mechanics, but for their exceptional durability. All customers can take advantage of a 10 Year Limited Warranty on standard (non digital) Haag-Streit slit lamps, covering all parts of your slit lamp against manufacturing defects, as well as the replacement of any detective part (s) free of charge. Please note that you must register your slit lamp to take advantage of this warranty.

For us: a small step. For you—confidence that lasts.

Slit lamp 10 year Warranty Maintenance Contract

For full peace of mind

Every Haag-Streit slit lamp is supplied with a 10 Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, Haag-Streit UK offers a more comprehensive Slit Lamp 10 Year Warranty Maintenance Contract, which extends this limited warranty, offering full peace-of-mind. The Slit Lamp 10 Year Warranty Maintenance Contract includes the following;

  • Repair of slit lamps that have been subject to general wear and tear
  • Labour costs and Engineer travel expenses
  • Preventative maintenance - an HS-UK Service Engineer will undertake one annual service visit for the duration of the 10 year warranty period.

To take advantage of the comprehensive Slit Lamp 10 Year Warranty Maintenance Contract, please get in touch to learn more.

Extended Warranty

Up to five years on all Haag-Streit devices

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective way to protect your investment, our Extended Manufacturing Warranty is the perfect option. All Haag-Streit devices are provided with a two-year warranty, as standard. Haag-Streit is now offering the option to take out an extended warranty against any manufacturing defects for up to five years, with up to ten years offered for specific solutions, such as the virtual reality simulators.

Contact our service team for further information or call our hotline on 01279 883720.

Health Check Package

Avoid unforeseen defects, repairs, & costs

A Health Check visit will uncover any potential problems with a device. It can reduce the risk of future equipment failure and downtime, and costly repairs. In addition, it also ensures that the device performs in accordance with required Haag-Streit manufacturer standards and specifications.

Haag-Streit, and its certified service partner network of skilled technicians, are on-hand to perform a comprehensive Health Check. This is where we thoroughly examine your Haag-Streit device to obtain a full overview of its condition, examine its functionality, and replace any necessary worn or damaged parts.

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