Haag-Streit Academy elearning portal

The Haag-Streit Academy elearning portal provides users with a host of different training material to ensure they get the most out of their Haag-Streit ophthalmic devices—completely free of charge. The portal includes interactive modules, PDF user guides, videos and PowerPoint presentations, all available 24-7, offering users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and in their own time.


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To create a FREE Haag-Streit Academy elearning user account, click on the relevant link below:

· Slit Lamp elearning, please visit https://hsuk.co/SlitLampPortal

· Biometry elearning, please visit https://hsuk.co/BiometryPortal

· Octopus Perimetry elearning, please visit https://hsuk.co/PerimetryPortal.

A user account gives you advanced notification about Haag-Streit Academy face-to-face training and new online content, as well as allowing you to track your training journey, receive points and badges via the portal’s gamification features and receive certification when you complete courses.

Please note, if you previously signed up for one elearning course you will be given access to all other Haag-Streit elearning content without the need for a separate user account.


Slit Lamp elearning portal

The Slit Lamp elearning Portal offers free user account access to comprehensive slit lamp and slit lamp imaging material, including interactive modules, updated instructional videos and user guides. The portal also features new videos in the Haag-Streit Slit Lamp Exam series covering specular reflection, indirect and sclerotic scatter illumination techniques. 

Biometry elearning portal

HS-UK's Biometry elearning Portal gives you access to interactive modules, lecture and instructional videos, webinars and key publications, some of which are available as audio versions. 

Octopus Perimetry elearning portal

The Octopus Perimetry elearning Portal offers free user account access to comprehensive Octopus Perimetry material. This content includes interactive modules, instructional and lecture videos, webinars, user guides and key publications. The portal also features video versions of Haag-Streit’s 'Perimetry Focus Month' webinars, a series of talks by clinical and industry key opinion leaders.