Webinar: Sandra Mohring

Goldmann Gems – Take Another Look!

Webinar: Dr. Bass

Glaucomatous visual field loss not due to glaucoma

Webinar: Molly Nettell 

10 Common Mistakes Made When Running Visual Fields

Webinar: Prof. Fiona Rowe 

How Can I Get the Most Out of Kinetic Perimetry

Webinar: Prof. Davey 

Early detection of glaucomatous defects: Screening and Structure Function correlations

Webinar: Prof. Paranhos 

Macular Evaluation in Glaucoma

Webinar: Dr. Myers 

What switching to an Octopus meant for our glaucoma service

Webinar: Dr. Rangaraj

Perimetry options in challenging cases

Webinar: Jonathan Myers & Monika Fischer

A Discussion of Concerns Regarding Perimeters During COVID-19 and Possible Alternatives"

Tips & Tricks

Octopus tutorial

Goldmann Kinetic perimetry

Octopus tutorial

7 in 1 Printout

Octopus tutorial

HFA Transitioning

Octopus tutorial

Fixation Control

Octopus tutorial

Global Progression Analysis

Octopus tutorial

Polar Analysis Trend

Octopus tutorial

Cluster Analysis Trend

EyeSuite i9 tutorial

Perimetry Customizing your static examination list Quick Guides

EyeSuite i9 tutorial

Perimetry Performing a static examination Octopus 900

EyeSuite i9 tutorial

Perimetry Performing a static examination Octopus 600

EyeSuite i9 tutorial

Perimetry Performing a kinetic examination

EyeSuite i9 tutorial

Perimetry Reviewing test results

Octopus tutorial

G Pattern

Octopus tutorial


Octopus tutorial: structure-function 

correlation with Octopus perimetry

Octopus tutorial

Cluster Analysis