Conditions for supplier partners

Quality and patient safety are our top priority

We are delighted that you want to support us as a supply partner with your know-how, products and services. As a manufacturer of high-quality medical devices for eye care professionals, we strive to offer our customers new, innovative, and reliable solutions.

Our expectations

Prerequisites for partnership

We derive our expectations of our suppliers from the claim that quality and patient safety are always our top priorities. We are primarily interested in long-term partnerships. To ensure that our solutions are not only technologically at the highest level, but also available at all times, we require mastery of the supply chain. We also expect our suppliers to keep up with growing demands, comply with environmental, sustainability and human rights standards and provide the necessary evidence. We see open, proactive and fair communication as the key to a good business relationship. We make this claim not only to ourselves, but also to our partners. In addition, our partnerships are based on the willingness to always perform at the highest level for Haag-Streit. The following points must be observed for a partnership:


We strive for innovative, economical and transparent offers.

Your minimum requirements are:

  • Supplier self-disclosure from our standard forms must be submitted.
  • Along with the self-disclosure, the Code of Conduct must be confirmed and signed.
  • Depending on the product or service, we expect ISO 9001 certification or ISO 13485 for medical products. A copy of a valid certificate should be submitted together with the self-disclosure.
  • We also strive to secure our business with framework supply agreements and quality assurance agreements. The general terms and conditions of delivery of the respective Haag-Streit entity with which the transaction is processed must be observed.