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iTrack™ Advance iTrack™
Surgical details
Procedure Canaloplasty Canaloplasty
Surgical technique Ab-interno Ab-externo
Procedure description MIGS Alternative to trabeculectomy
Target surgeon Cataract Surgeon Glaucoma Surgeon Glaucoma Surgeon
Patient selection Mild-moderate glaucoma patients, both phakic and pseudophakic. Severe glaucoma patients, both phakic and pseudophakic.
Device description
220-micron microcatheter
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

iTrack™ surgical system

For ABiC & canaloplasty

Haag-Streit UK is the sole UK distributor for the Nova Eye iTrack™ and iTrack™ Advance devices, used to perform minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Based on the same principles as angioplasty, the iTrack surgical system enlarges the eye’s natural drainage system, improving outflow and lowering intraocular pressure. It consists of an illuminated, patented tip, the iTrack microcatheter, which can be continuously monitored once it is inserted into Schlemm’s canal. The system also includes the Viscolnjector viscoelastic injector and the iLumin illumination source.

FEATHER blades & handles

Standard, ophthalmic & micro-surgical cutting instruments

Haag-Streit UK is an authorised UK distributor for pfm medical’s FEATHER portfolio. This includes standard surgical scalpels with aluminium, single-use plastic or Safeshield handles. As an alternative, blades are available separately for use with a variety of re-usable handles. The FEATHER range includes specialist MVR scalpels for vitreoretinal surgery, paracentesis and phaco scalpels for small incisions, as well as enlargement, crescent and glaucoma scalpels.

Due to the quality of the stainless steel and the exceptional manufacturing process, these provide the ultimate cutting experience.

MedOne cannulas

Single-use cannula for vitreoretinal surgery

MedOne develops and manufactures high-quality specialty surgical products worldwide, and is the market leader in single-use cannula products for retina surgery. Haag-Streit UK is an authorised distributor for the MedOne portfolio in the UK. MedOne's focus is on products for small gauge surgery, including 23g, 25g and 27g surgical systems. It offers the widest range of cannula products for small gauge surgery, allowing surgeons to tackle a wide variety of cases using a small gauge surgical system

Keraring segments

Complete & versatile corneal remodelling system

Keraring intrastromal corneal ring segments are precision implantable devices for the correction of corneal surface irregularities and reduction of refractive errors associated with keratoconus and other corneal ectatic disorders. Haag-Streit UK is an Authorised UK Distributor of the Mediphacos Keraring range. The Keraring range offers more than 50 varieties of thickness, arc lengths and diameters, allowing for significant customization of corneal remodelling and refractive correction. Keraring implantation may be synergistically combined with other techniques and can be removed at any time

Lacrivera punctal plugs

Innovative products for the treatment of dry eye

Haag-Streit UK is an Authorised UK Distributor of the Lacrivera portfolio of punctal occluders. Its flagship product, the VeraPlug, is designed to provide a simple and effective treatment for dry eye. It conforms perfectly to the puncta for unparalleled retention and boasts a low-profile dome for enhanced patient comfort. Other key products include the VeraPlug FlexiFit which slows tear drainage without stopping flow, the VeraPlug Flow designed for easier insertion and the Vera180 which is an absorbable lacrimal plug providing approximately six months of treatment

Morcher implants

For cataract & refractive surgery

MORCHER is one of the leading international manufacturers of medical products for eye surgery, with a special focus on the area of ​​eye implants. Haag-Streit UK is an authorised UK distributor of the MORCHER eye implant range in the UK. This range includes a selection a selection of capsular tension rings to stabilize the capsule during surgery. MORCHER also produces a range of intraocular lenses


Platinum implants

The Berghaus/Schrom Lid-Chain is an implant to restore dynamic closure of the eye in cases of lagophtalmus resulting from facial paralysis. The chain is malleable with pre-drilled holes to aid fixation.

Made from platinum and iridium, the implant has advantages over commonly used gold implants, particularly in terms of weight distribution and biocompatibility. SPIGGLE & THESIS also produces a range of test weights to aid the surgeon before making an implant.

Haag-Streit UK is an Authorised UK Distributor of the SPIGGLE & THEIS Berghaus/Schrom Lid-Chain in the UK.

Tecfen Medical

Trephine blades & punches

Haag-Streit UK is an exclusive UK dealer of the Tecfen Medical corneal trephine blade portfolio and an authorised UK distributor for the Tecfen Medical range of tissue punches.

Long Trephine Blades can be used by hand or with a hand piece, such as the Tecfen Corneal Punch system, and are compatible with most punch systems.

Vacuum and Non-vacuum Trephine Punches are available as a complete system, with blades ranging from 6mm to 9.5mm in diameter, along with the Redial Vacuum Trephine.