Redefine the treatment of mild to moderate glaucoma with iTrack™

A tissue-sparing approach

Microcatheterisation & viscodilation combined

Based on the same principles as angioplasty of the eye, iTrack™ combines 360° microcatheterisation and viscodilation to address all potential points of resistance in the conventional outflow pathway, including the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm’s canal and the collector channels – and thereby removes the guesswork inherent in stent based MIGS procedures.
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Adjustable OVD delivery

Surgeon-controlled delivery

iTrack™ enables titration of OVD volume based on the patient’s pathology. It is the only canaloplasty device that enables surgeons to customize the degree of viscodilation on an individual patient basis. iTrack™ distributes +100 microliters of OVD over the entire 360° of Schlemm’s canal, 10 times more than other canaloplasty microcatheters. This allows the expansion and dilation of Schlemm’s canal to improve flow through the episcleral venous system.

Reduces IOP

Excellent clinical outcomes

By comprehensively addressing all resistance sites in the proximal and distal outflow system, including the collector channel ostia, iTrack™ reduces IOP by 30% on average, and is combined with a 50% average reduction in medication dependence seen in the majority of patients.

The superior canaloplasty device

Outperforms other MIGS devices

iTrack™ delivers 10 times more OVD than OMNI® and at a magnitude of pressure that is 8 times greater. It delivers more OVD per second than OMNI® delivers during 180° circumnavigation of Schlemm’s canal. iTrack™ delivers +100 microliters of OVD over 360° of Schlemm’s canal* while OMNI® delivers 5.5 microliters of OVD over 180° of Schlemm’s canal**.

* In-house testing (Nova Eye Medical) using a robotically controlled ViscoInjector™ with time-recording mass data to simulate the delivery of OVD over 360° of Schlemm’s canal.
** Based on OMNI (Model 2.0) FDA (510k) indication for use.

Introducing iTrack Advance

Innovative, easy-to-use injector

Developed exclusively for canaloplasty, and suitable for the treatment of mild to moderate glaucoma, iTrack™ Advance is designed to advance the utility of canaloplasty via an Ab-Interno Canaloplasty (ABiC) surgical technique.

Measuring just 220 microns in diameter, iTrack™ Advance boasts an intelligently engineered handheld injector to deliver the microcatheter into Schlemm’s canal, and to advance and retract the microcatheter through the canal in a predictable, controlled and smooth manner.

More details

iTrack™ Advance iTrack™
Surgical details
Procedure Canaloplasty Canaloplasty
Surgical technique Ab-interno Ab-externo
Procedure description MIGS Alternative to trabeculectomy
Target surgeon Cataract Surgeon Glaucoma Surgeon Glaucoma Surgeon
Patient selection Mild-moderate glaucoma patients, both phakic and pseudophakic. Severe glaucoma patients, both phakic and pseudophakic.
Device description
220-micron microcatheter
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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