View, capture & share ophthalmic images & video in 3D

Glasses-free visualization

Unparalleled clarity

The unique technology behind the DRV’s stereo image presentation overcomes the need for polarized glasses by projecting independent optical channels to the user’s eyes, replicating natural stereo vision and perception of depth. Offering a comfortable and natural view, the user is able to wear their prescription glasses while viewing the digital stereo 3D images.


Work efficiently for longer

Boasting an ergonomic "heads up" design, the DRV allows the user to comfortably perform, demonstrate, and supervise surgical simulations in high 3D magnification. The full HD display image is delivered at an ergonomically optimized angle to support good posture and reduce back and neck strain.

High-quality design

Offering reliability & longevity

Vision Engineering prides itself on delivering high-quality products, precision mechanics, and superb optics. The DRV is certified for the quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Understanding that reliability is imperative in the medical industry, Vision Engineering ensures that the DRV is manufactured to the highest possible quality. The DRV is supported by a counter-balanced, gas-springed assisted stand, which offers 150mm / 6 inches vertical travel. Fully-adjustable, optimised illumination is available using an easy-to-use remote keypad.

View in real time

No viewing latency

The DRV enables the user to view the stereo image in real time with no noticeable latency, allowing comfortable and accurate co-observation. Live stereo video can be streamed from one DRV to another, allowing multiple users to view in 3D, in real time, or videos can be recorded in stereo for later review. It is also possible for one channel to be streamed to an external 2D or 3D screen for audience viewing. In addition, the DRV allows a teacher to demonstrate surgical procedures at the same magnification as students will view on the screen.

Innovative teaching tool

Refines surgical skills

The ergonomic design of the microscope system improves operator comfort meaning that the user can practice for longer periods while remaining comfortable. Sub-specialty procedures for glaucoma, retina, cataract, and corneal surgery can be rehearsed and refined to ensure competence and confidence.

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Slit lamp training

Accelerated learning

Integrated with the BQ 900 slit lamp, the DRV enables co-observation for slit lamp training, either in real time or recorded for later review. Stereo slit lamp images and videos can be viewed in full HD by students simultaneously on multiple DRVs, providing an immersive training experience. In addition, teachers can supervise a student’s examination in real-time with the unique advantage of viewing 3-dimensional imagery.

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