Latest technology combined with flexibility & comfort

Key features

Exceptional usability

Featuring a 7” touch display control panel, which can be placed on either side of the table, users can easily see the laser parameters and select between the laser mode, burst and offset options. The V-split mirror tower (optional feature) allows coaxial Nd:YAG treatments. This tower enables a red reflex that results in retro illumination of the posterior capsule, ideal for premium IOL treatments. The laser head and slit lamp knobs are ergonomically placed on each side of the slit lamp.

Extensive built-in features

Ensuring safe & successful treatment

MR Q SLT's digital anterior and posterior offset allows the user to visualize where the laser focus is and provides a clear warning when the anterior offset is selected, minimizing user error. The control panel requires double confirmation to safely swap between laser modes and the screen changes color for a visual cue. The electronically controlled offset resets to posterior 100 μm after the laser enters on stand-by; this unique feature minimizes the risk of shooting at the wrong position, avoiding the risk of lens pitting. The red reflex(1) resulting from the retro illumination of the posterior capsule optimizes the on-axis capsulotomy. This feature allows seamless evaluation of the capsulotomy edges’ integrity, shape, and position in relation to the premium multifocal IOL rings, with a higher degree of success and increasing patient satisfaction.

Ergonomic design

Practical & easy-to-use

The MR Q SLT features a twin-column table, enabling easy access for patients in wheelchairs and offers the perfect working space for the treating doctor. The unique chinrest design ensures a comfortable, relaxed and ergonomic position during treatment, while the user has unobstructed access to the patient.


Haag-Streit UK Service Division

Let us service your laser

The Haag-Streit UK Service Division is an authorized service agent for Meridian lasers. Our Field Service Engineers are trained by the manufacturer to use their specialist tools, so all equipment is serviced to the manufacturer's standard. During a service visit we test the full functionality of the laser including its safety features, check the laser alignment and adjust where required, and measure the laser output power. Book a preventative maintenance visit now or take-out one of our service contracts, for full peace-of-mind.


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