Haag-Streit launches Eyesi Surgical Software 4.0

Haag-Streit UK is delighted to announce the launch of Eyesi Surgical Software 4.0 in the UK, which is available now for the Eyesi Surgical Simulator. 

This new release represents a watershed moment in the teaching and training of cataract surgery.  It combines unparalleled realism with new training scenarios, supporting continuous improvement for ophthalmic surgeons of all levels.

With the introduction of Eyesi Surgical Software 4.0, Haag-Streit has further evolved its simulation software to significantly increase the degree of realism and training scope. 

Effective removal of the crystalline lens (phacoemulsification, or “phaco”) is a key step in cataract surgery. Effective mastery requires trainees to learn various methods, such as divide & conquer, stop & chop, and irrigation & aspiration (I&A). Of course, the ability to learn phaco techniques in a simulated environment is not new: Haag-Streit’s simulation devices have enabled trainees to learn these techniques for over two decades. With this new release, Eyesi Surgical Software 4.0 takes visualization to the next level, offering significantly improved depth perception, realistic zoom, and depth of field, reproducing with great accuracy the behavior of tissue and fluidics in different surgical scenarios.
As a result, the Eyesi Surgical not only allows resident surgeons – before and during their first cases – to progress more quickly, but also empowers their more experienced peers to increase their surgical toolkit, refine their skills, and learn the management of complications and complex cases. This in turn presents trainees with several new training possibilities:

Handling variability with confidence
In today’s competitive cataract surgical environment, graduate surgeons will have to deal with a great variety of patients – who present all sorts of variations on their cataracts. This new simulation software provides trainees with a random combination of characteristics in the simulated cataracts with scope for different outcomes. This way, both trainees and experienced surgeons are challenged to apply the skills learned in previous simulations – and learn to think critically in real-life scenarios.

Unhindered learning experience
Many surgical complications occur during the removal of the lens and cortex. A new training module allows trainees to practice phaco with irrigation & aspiration (I&A) in one task, providing flexibility during the lens fracturing aspect before moving to the cortex removal in the same exercise. Chopping, divide and conquer or combined techniques can be used “ad lib”; users also have free choice over which instruments to use. All this is presented without interruptions, providing a more fluid and realistic experience.

Training – even without a teacher present
Significantly improved guiding elements within the phaco divide-and-conquer and phaco chopping tasks, with in-built prompts, guide trainees through the entire surgical training task so that they are always clear about what to do next. This enhances the Eyesi Surgical Simulator’s capabilities for autonomous training – something that is invaluable for time-pressured teachers who may be unable to physically sit at the simulator and teach.

Support for every step
Vitreoretinal procedures remain one of the most demanding sub-specialties within eye surgery. To support trainees on their ambitious learning journey, the Eyesi Surgical now includes new online courses, providing a theoretical framework for key procedures. Each step is accompanied by new training content, delivered in modern, easy-to-grasp formats to bring the training to life.

More information
To learn how Eyesi Surgical can help boost the effectiveness of your teaching programs, visit the Eyesi Surgical Software 4.0 product page to find videos and further information about this new release.