Ensure the sharpest and most expressive image possible

The cumbersome days of slit lamp imaging are over

Produce conclusive & high-quality images, every time

In today’s fast-paced practice environment, clinicians face intense pressure to produce and document scores of high-quality images. Without an ophthalmic photographer at hand to compose the image, and set the aperture and exposure, image capture becomes complex and time-consuming. Not only this: the success rate of conclusive images is often disappointing – spending more than a few seconds on capturing an image is heavily disruptive to clinical workflows. 

Simply concentrate on your examination & let the IM 910 do the rest...

Smart features working hard for you in the background

With conventional slit lamp cameras, the success rate of conclusive images is often disappointing. To overcome this, the Imaging Module 910 provides smart features that work hard for you in the background. A performant auto-exposure mode in combination with the automatic aperture control guarantees great illumination at all times.

In addition, the image selection algorithm ensures that you get the sharpest and most expressive image possible. Simply concentrate on your examination and let the Imaging Module 910 do the rest.

Ready when you are!

The IM 910: ready when you need it

The IM 910 is instantly ready when you need it. Turn one knob and the IM 910 shares your view from the microscope directly on your screen – instantly!

Enjoy a smoother workflow the moment you start image capture. Instead of having to stop the exam, move to a computer, and re-start the camera, simply flip down the slit lamp mirror and you’re ready to go. After you have captured an image, or multiple images, simply switch off the camera, and resume 100% light in the eyepieces once again. 

A striking image with every shot

Cutting-edge smart features

The IM 910 boasts cutting-edge smart features to save time. The camera sensor and superb optics provide outstanding image quality, while a performant auto-exposure mode – combined with an automatic aperture control – always guarantees great illumination. In addition, the integrated image selection algorithm auto-selects the sharpest and most expressive image possible.

Ideal workflow – no distraction

Versatile control panel

The IM 910 boasts unique ergonomics that provide full control of the imaging process without detracting from the clinical examination. Its control panel, located in front of the joystick, can be operated “blindly” to support simple and intuitive operation of both the camera and the slit lamp illumination. Moreover, the IM 910 comes as a component of the whole system, supporting a complete examination workflow. 

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Work the way you want

Standalone or EyeSuite mode

Documenting images is easy. Press the camera trigger button, and the software – with its comprehensive capturing and processing features – takes care of the rest. For flexibility, the IM 910 can be integrated into many different environments: whether that’s EyeSuite, or your EMR or DICOM system. Regardless of the environment that you choose, enjoy easy access to images anytime, anywhere.

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Imaging Module 910 3D

The IM 910 now has a dynamic 3D live-stream

The IM 910 already provides a high-resolution video stream – but only in 2D. With the addition of the IM 910 3D, we elevate the capabilities of the IM 910 by offering a dynamic 3D live-stream of impressive quality.

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Software screenshots

Software screenshots

Image capture mode

Imaging Module 910 App

The image capture mode of the Imaging Module 910 App shows the observed area and allows access to the most important functions in standalone mode. In addition, the last image captured is displayed.
Image review mode

Imaging Module 910 App

In the review mode, all captured images of the session are listed in chronological order. For convenience, simply scroll through the thumbnails while the selected image is displayed at a large size.

Imaging Module 910 App

The menu of the Imaging Module 910 App provides access to many useful functions and settings, such as white balancing, capture mode settings, the Help menu and more.
The image acquisition control center

Image capturing screen

The image capturing screen provides you with all the necessary details about the image acquisition process. You can directly change the camera settings, capture modes, plus set and access the camera’s presets. Furthermore, your captured images are available as thumbnails.
Inspect your work and educate your patients

Image viewer

The EyeSuite image review screen allows easy inspection and comparison of captured images. It also allows you to present your slit lamp findings to your customers in a simple yet expressive way.
Efficient image processing

Image editing

Modify your taken images to your liking. EyeSuite Imaging offers you a comprehensive set of image processing tools. Amongst other functions, enhance contrast, sharpen, or crop your images. Add overlay grids, or use the drawing tools to highlight certain areas of interest. Besides image editing, you can also add text or use the built-in ICD classification.
All images quickly accessible

Patient management

The integrated, well-structured patient management system allows easy access to your previous imaging sessions, making the software a perfect team player for daily practice. You'd rather have your EMR manage your patient flows? EyeSuite allows for easy integration into your existing patient management system.
Have it your way

Preference menu

EyeSuite Imaging offers many settings to alter presetting’s like workbench adjustment, image compression, storage location and printout settings.
Image capture mode
Image review mode
The image acquisition control center
Inspect your work and educate your patients
Efficient image processing
All images quickly accessible
Have it your way
Imaging Module 910 3D Option
BQ 900
BP 900
BI 900
Beam path
Right side
Left side
Control panel
Depth of focus control
Adjustable aperture
Fixed aperture
Camera interface
USB 3.0
Shutter system
Global shutter
Frame rate
Max. 30 fps
Operation mode
Standalone mode
EyeSuite mode
EyeSuite Imaging
EMR interfaces
EyeSuite script language
Samba Share for direct import into patient file
Connector box
CB01 connectivity HDMI out, DisplayPort out, Ethernet HDMI out, DisplayPort out, Ethernet
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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