Constant thickness KERARING

A minimally invasive surgical technique

Reversible & adjustable prismatic design

Flexible treatment solution

Keraring may be explanted at any time, allowing the cornea to return to its original characteristics. The refractive and topographic effects can be easily adjusted by exchanging and or repositioning the implant. Keraring's unique cross sectional shape produces a prismatic effect to reflect incoming light, thus minimizing glare and halos.

No compromise of corneal grafts

Compatible with other techniques

Keraring does not interfere with the normal execution of lamellar or penetrating keratoplasty procedures, if and when needed. The segment's implantation may be synergistically combined with other techniques, such as corneal collagen crosslinking, PRK and phakic IOL implantation.

Variable arc lengths & thicknesses

Highly individualized treatment

The Keraring range offers over 50 options of thickness, arc lengths and diameters, allowing for significant customization of corneal remodelling and refractive correction. KERARING is available in two models: SI-5 for 5 mm optical zone implantation and SI-6 for 6mm implantation, providing more options to address the needs of each individual case.